Gloves - Types

Description of types of examination Gloves

  1. Latex Examination Gloves

    Made from natural rubber latex (NRL), it offers its users the best barrier protection in areas of potential risk associated with blood-borne pathogens and other substances or biohazards. The physical properties of the material provide excellent flexibility and uncompromised protection with high degree of sensitivity. It provides excellent comfort and feel. Latex outperforms other glove materials in terms of elasticity and tensile strength. Latex examination gloves are generally affordable and economical in terms of pricing.

  2. Nitrile Examination Gloves

    Nitrile gloves are made from Acrylonitrile-butadiene, a synthetic polymer. It is made from synthetic rubber which is non-latex and protein free, hence suitable for users who are sensitive to natural rubber proteins. Soft formulation or low modulus nitrile gloves provides excellent feel, fit, comfort and flexibility to users and reduces hand fatigue. It has good resistance to oil, grease and wide range of toxic chemicals and solvents. Nitrile gloves posses high abrasion and puncture resistance properties. Its elasticity is good but less superior as compared to natural rubber. It is generally more costly than natural rubber gloves.

  3. Vinyl Examination Gloves

    Made from Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). It is ideal for users who are sensitive to natural rubber latex protein allergy. Vinyl gloves have good resistance to oil, ozone, grease, acid and bases. Vinyl provides a relaxed and comfortable fit that feels like a second body skin. Soft vinyl formulation offers greater comfort, fit and better flexibility. It has anti-static properties suitable for cleanroom and critical environment applications. Vinyl gloves are generally very affordable and economical.

  4. Medical Gloves

    The highest quality of Medical-Grade Exam Gloves is to act as a reliable, protective barrier which prevents the transmission of organisms and blood-borne pathogens to its users. Exam gloves are not necessary in sterile form, it can be in non-sterile to protect your hands from exposure. It is widely used in hospitals (outside operating theatre) and other industrial and home applications.

  5. Surgical Gloves

    Sterile Surgical Gloves are at the top of the range of quality protective gloves and are typically used by surgeons and operating room staffs. Top Glove offers a full range of premium quality Latex Powdered and Powder-Free Sterile Surgical Gloves.

  6. Disposable Gloves

    Disposable Gloves are generally used in the following applications: Food handling, salons/spas, electronic assemblies, laboratorial work, packing process, automotive, janitorial, general pharmaceutical and home use/DIY. These gloves are not recommended for medical use, especially to prevent transmission of organisms, blood-borne pathogens and protection against various chemicals.

  7. Cleanroom Gloves

    The facility in which air supply, distribution and filtration, apparel worn, equipment used and operation procedures are regulated to control airborne particle concentrations to meet specific cleanliness levels are defined by federal Standard 209 or ISO 14644. The air in this controlled room is thousand of times cleaner or particle free than in a typical hospital operating room. These facilities are used in semiconductor industry which fabricates microchips, wafers and hard disk drives.

  8. Household Gloves

    Household Gloves are used for industrial, domestic cleaning, food processing and handling purposes. It provides excellent abrasion, cut and tear resistance with excellent grip and dexterity. It also protects against alkalis but not against petroleum and other oil based solvents.

  9. General Purpose Gloves

    General Purpose Gloves are used for everyday application from household repairs to automobile light parts assemblies. It is also economical for many light task applications such as food service, automotive, gardening, cleaning, hair drying, painting, janitorial, and refinishing.

  10. Polyethylene Glove (PE Glove)

    Disposable polyethylene or PE gloves are made with materials approved by USDA, provide protection from organic vapors, dusts and mists thus making them a smart choice for any food service application. All of the gloves are powder free. Our polyethylene gloves are printed with an embossed finish on both sides to improve grip and is ambidextrous to fit either hand.

Selecting the Right Glove

Selecting the right glove is not an easy task given today's challenges faced by healthcare workers or professionals in the medical and dental industry. There are a number of factors and issues to consider:

  1. Safety & Protection

    This should be the main priority to protect users from any blood form or other substances which they come into contact with.

  2. Comfort & Fit

    Gloves are for protection and at the same time provide its users the comfort when performing their tasks. In terms of performance, latex glove are regarded as providing excellent elasticity and fitting.

  3. Concerns on Allergy

    The above issue has been a concern to all users of Latex products. However, if you choose to use latex gloves it is recommended to use powder free latex gloves or powdered gloves with reduced protein content. Perfect alternatives would be synthetic Vinyl and Nitrile gloves. Soft formulations of vinyl and nitrile gloves provide the degree of comfort and sensitivity close to Latex gloves but are more expensive in terms of pricing.

  4. Quality versus Cost

    Question of cost over quality has been the main issue when deciding on using the different type of gloves. The vital factor to consider when deciding on using the glove is to get the highest acceptable quality standards at the best or optimum value you can obtain. Latex and vinyl gloves are generally very affordable whilst nitrile and other synthetic gloves are usually more costly.

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