Able’s Environmental Policy

Able includes the environment as a core factor in its business decision-making.

The company aims to both minimise its environmental impact and consistently evolve towards environmental best practice.  In this regard, specific focus is paid to;

  • resource consumption
  • product design
  • product life cycle management including recycling
  • environmental accreditation
  • community support
  • responsibility for carbon emissions

Able aim to fully involve its own team in continuing to reach its environmental objectives.

We will work with suppliers who can cooperate and contribute to our environmental efforts

Able aim to offer its clients products that incorporate strong environmental aspects, while at the same time delivering quality and value for money.

Environmental initiatives that Able participate in;

Carbon offsets and tree planting

All CO2 generated in the manufacture, ocean freight, warehousing, distribution, office overhead and travel is offset through tree planting. In 2009 Able commissioned the planting of 7,463 trees and in November 2010 Able invested a further $15,000 for treeplanting with Greenfleet. Over the last three years Able have also commissioned offsets with Climate Positive and Carbon Neutral. These ongoing plantings offset all of the CO2 emitted in the products that we supply to you.

The trees planted are protected for at least 70 years and provide other environmental benefits including improved soil quality, new habitat for native wildlife and improved water quality.

Able are audited by Ecovantage each year who independently calculate Able's CO2 emissions.

Information on CO2 and carbon offsets

At the end of each month (from January 4 2010), Able will be electronically notifying clients of their monthly and year to date CO2 emissions. This system charts a client's individual products usage patterns and provides an overall amount of CO2 emitted and offset by Able.

Degradable products

Able is now supplying products, including aprons and rubbish bags, which are both degradable and carbon neutral.

The Able Office - Waste management, recycling and energy efficiency

Logo Grow Me The Money

Able's new offices have recently been audited by Grow Me the Money. Grow Me the Money are under the umbrella of VECCI and Business Victoria and provide consultancy services and networking for businesses aiming to become environmentally responsible. As per Able's previous office, we aim to put in place new initiatives in relation to waste management, recycling and energy efficiency. These tailored measures are currently being drafted by Grow Me the Money.

Eco Warranty Accreditation

Able is now entering its 3rd year of Eco Warranty Accreditation. This is an independently audited standard which identifies environmental impacts and provides a framework for their management. This is audited by British Standards International who also audit our HACCP and ISO9001:2008 systems.

3PL Ceva

In February 2010, Able are migrating to Multinational 3PL provider Ceva. Ceva have a track record for being environmentally proactive. Visit the Ceva site for a description of their approach to sustainability and see it applied in business case studies.

Education and awareness

Able have been involved in raising awareness about the environmental impacts of business via its web site. The Sustainability  blog traces our steps to sustainability over the last 3 years and the Knowledge Base area provides information on carbon offsets, tree planting and recycling. Able were recently involved as a panel member in a "Greening Your Business" function run by the City of Stonnington.

Closing the product life cycle

Able have commenced discussions with the University of NSW and some of our larger clients with a view to collecting waste plastic and processing it for recycling into plastic or as a reductant in steel manufacturing furnaces. We will expand on this further has the project advances. 

Able is now supplying biodegradable products

Able Plastics - Environment

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